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Mick Mulvaney criticises US coronavirus testing capabilities

Ex-chief of staff changes his tune, after claiming media reports on Covid-19 were designed to damage Donald Trump

Treasury*s official forecaster gives up on V-shaped recovery

Office for Budget Responsibility's new projections show a slower path of recovery and some permanent 'scarring' to the UK*s growth potential as a result of the crisis

News analysis

Ben Chapman Does it feel safe to go back to the high street?

Dallying on measures such as mandatory face masks means the government risks undermining its own advice, writes Ben Chapman

Glee*s Kevin McHale says Cory Monteith &helped* find Naya Rivera

Rivera was found on the same date Monteith died in 2013

Can couples with different political values ever work?

As Jodie Comer makes headlines for reportedly dating a Trump supporter, Olivia Petter examines whether people with different political values can ever make a relationship work