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UN warns of ¡®steady stream¡¯ of infectious zoonotic diseases

Zoonotic diseases have caused more than ?80bn in economic losses since 2000 and coronavirus is expected to add ?7.2 trillion to that amount

Threatened species are ¡®laundered¡¯ in Japan¡¯s exotic pet trade, study

Stop The Wildlife Trade: Species like slow lorises, owls and pythons are sought for private collections and social media is playing a role in driving demand 

Restaurant serves bear meat in ¡®out-of-control illegal wildlife trade¡¯

Stop the Wildlife Trade exclusive: Bears, monkeys, wolves and birds of prey sold for hundreds of euros on popular Albanian websites, investigation finds

EU biodiversity plan to crack down on illegal wildlife trade

The new strategy, released today, recommends that at least €20 billion each year 'should be unlocked for spending on nature'

Indonesia markets selling animals in filthy cages despite pandemic

Live animal markets in Indonesia are continuing to sell species for consumption in filthy conditions despite the ongoing pandemic.


Camelia Entekhabifard Ending wildlife cruelty is humanity¡¯s biggest modern challenge

We humans have wisdom, dignity and mercy, Camelia Entekhabifard says. So why are we so bad at exercising those things when it comes to animals?

Second Chinese city bans consumption of dog and cat meat

Stop the Wildlife Trade: ¡®This isn¡¯t just good news for animal protection, it¡¯s also very good news for public health,¡¯ says leading charity