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Brexit didn't break the UK, but coronavirus will kill off the union

Despite voting to remain part of the UK just six years ago, a majority of Scots now want independence. Can you blame them?

Scotland could diverge from UK on lockdown measures if &necessary'

'I will be driven by what advice, science and my own judgement is telling me the right thing to do is,' says Scottish first minister

Case for basic income &strengthened* by coronavirus, says Sturgeon

Reform Scotland suggests adults should be given ?5,200 per year 每 ?100 per week 每 under UBI scheme

Sturgeon warns &democracy will prevail* as SNP pushes for referendum

&Scotland made it very clear last week it does not want a Tory government led by Boris Johnson taking us out of the European Union* 

&Absolutely* no Scottish IndyRef2 vote in next five years, says Gove

Nicola Sturgeon accuses Conservatives of trying to block independence vote of &raging against reality*