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The collectivism of lockdown is being washed away like pavement chalk

If Labour doesn*t act at this vital juncture then what exactly is the party for? At this rate, we will be left with nothing but the sentimentality of those blasted lockdown adverts

Ken and Jim Loach on filmmaking, grief and &incompetent* Keir Starmer

To mark Father*s Day, the two directors talk to Ellie Harrison about 50 years of friendship and football, responding to antisemitism accusations, and trying to be a Tory in a socialist household

Labour election post mortem blames leadership, Brexit and manifesto

Defeat has deep roots stretching back 20 years, warns Ed Miliband*s Labour Together report 

Keir Starmer*s victory speech: What he said 每 and what he really meant

What was really going through the new Labour leader*s mind as he delivered his first (pre-recorded) address?

Starmer declares &new era* for Labour after landslide leadership win

Sir Keir secures convincing majority across all sections of Labour*s electorate, with 52.6 per cent of vote share overall 

Tory minister dodges question on whether he could live on sick pay

Business secretary Alok Sharma points those living on ?94.25 to the benefits system

Politics explained

Sean O'Grady How coronavirus could lead to nationalisation across UK business

The fallout could turn the UK into the world*s largest socialist major economy 每 and under a Conservative government, writes Sean O*Grady