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Mark Ruffalo enlisted by Irish Green Party to help win coalition vote

Crunch vote result will be announced on Friday 26 June

Coronavirus causing collapse in demand for fossil fuels

Pandemic on course to cause largest decrease in emissions ever recorded, six times larger than the previous record drop in 2009 following global financial downturn, says International Energy Agency

Write off recent student fees debt, says Green Party

Education is a public good, say environmentalists

If you really want to help fight climate change, don't vote Green

We have 10 years to keep global warming in check. Only Labour is capable of implementing a radical agenda on the environment in government

Johnson hints at fracking ban to shut down election controversies

Prime minister acknowledges 'legitimate anxieties' - only one year after party pushed for looser rules to expand drilling

This isn't the Brexit election 每 it's the climate election

Our prime minister is cynically exploiting Brexit to his personal advantage while ignoring the most urgent emergency the human species has ever faced

Ex-mayor who &banned* Trump from Sheffield elected as Green MEP

'Sheffield I f****** love you!' says 29-year-old after party picks up record number of votes in city

As a young voter, I*d always gone with Labour. Not this time

I*ve not abandoned the socialist ideology of the Labour Party. I would argue that the Labour Party has