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Clare Finney Will eating out in restaurants from July ever be the same?

Communal eating is fundamental to human nature and maintaining relationships through it has been millennia in the making. Clare Finney examines what the future of eating out may mean for diners and restaurateurs 


Clare Finney &Prior to lockdown, we*d had seven transactions in as many years*

Clare Finney speaks to the independent food producers 每 from butchers to cheesemakers 每 who turned their businesses around overnight to cope with the huge demand for online shopping during the pandemic

Olia Hercules 'Summer Kitchens' cookbook recipes

Inspired by the traditional Ukrainian outhouses where people cooked during the warmer months, Olia Hercules*s third book is about seasonal flavours and local produce

8 English sparkling wines to toast English Wine Week with

Terry Kirby sources bubbles from old favourites Sussex and Kent, and recent converts Hampshire and Berkshire, as celebrations go online