Of all the beauty treatments to do at home, waxing offers the most potential for disaster. Not only is it difficult to match the salon standard of hair removal, but the worst case scenario could leave you with sensitive, irritated or even burnt skin.

Thankfully, the world of at-home waxing kits has expanded in the past few years and with the right technique, you could leave lockdown looking like you haven*t skipped a single visit to the salon.

For a smooth finish, the most important thing is to strictly adhere to the instructions of each kit, taking extra care to warm the wax correctly to avoid burns. With that said, whether you*re tackling unwanted hair on your legs, bikini line, face or legs, the standard method is to remove hair in the opposite direction while holding the skin taut. The latter is often the key to a long-lasting finish 每 without this, hair will be removed from the surface, rather than pulling from the root.

Just as important is the aftercare. While waxing kits often finish instructions at the point of hair removal, remember to treat newly-waxed skin with care, as it will be more sensitive. Ingrown hairs are also common, often first emerging in the form of inflamed bumps known as folliculitis. To minimise the risk of developing ingrown hairs, you should also exfoliate beforehand and avoid using perfumed moisturisers on the area.

To find our salon-solution to waxing, we used various products on hair all over the body and face to test how easy they were to use, the pain factor and whether they offered long lasting results. This is our comprehensive guide to the best solutions to at-home waxing.

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Verdict: Best at-home waxing kits

When it comes to ease of use, value for money and effects, the Nair coconut body wax strips offer the whole package. However, if you plan on waxing at home on the regular, consider a more long-lasting but slightly more technical product, such as the Mylee charcoal and green tea stripless wax or the Gigi Brazilian body hard wax.

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