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Tom Peck

Tom Peck is The Independent's Political Sketch Writer. He has also worked as a Political Correspondent, Sports Writer and Olympics Correspondent.

The way ahead is clear: Rishi Sunak pays for everything forever

The chancellor's immunity to coronavirus is a lesson for us all. Just spend huge amounts of other people's money and you'll be invincible too  

UK news

Tom Peck The Brexiteer ex-ambassador set to become national security adviser

The nature of his appointment has raised a lot of eyebrows, writes Tom Peck, but who is the man chosen to fill the UK*s highest national security job?

It*s not &too early* for Boris to say he got it wrong 每 he*s a coward

The prime minister says we must &learn lessons* from the coronavirus death toll his own scientist said could have been halved, but he also says it is &too early* to learn them.

Black lives only seem to matter when they're censored

The desperation to shift the conversation away from structural racism is yet another thing in the movement's way