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Matthew Norman

Matthew Norman is an award-winning Independent columnist who specialises in political satire.

Matthew Norman The Brexit boys are back in town to put a premature end to lockdown

They can*t talk about leaving the EU, because no one is listening. So they*ve focused instead on the profit over the right to live, writes Matthew Norman


Matthew Norman Johnson*s mindless optimism won*t pull us out of this crisis

The prime minister seems to have reacted to his illness with the same casual disregard with which he treats everything that has ever crossed his path, writes Matthew Norman


Matthew Norman Don*t count on Pence to actually step in and help to remove Trump

The vice president has stood nodding like a dog next to the US leader at coronavirus press briefings. The likelihood of him standing up for his country now is slim, writes Matthew Norman


Matthew Norman Rishi Sunak sounds authoritative 每 and that is enough for now

It is far too late for persuasion now, we need further action and fast, writes Matthew Norman

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