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John Rentoul

John Rentoul is The Independent*s chief political commentator, having worked for the title since 1995. He is also visiting professor at King*s College, London, and a prominent tweeter. He is the author of a biography of Tony Blair and, with Jon Davis, of Heroes or Villains? The Blair Government Reconsidered. As well as writing about politics, he contributes a weekly top 10 of curiosities and Mea Culpa, a column about style and usage

John Rentoul Anneliese Dodds failed her first serious test as shadow chancellor

Pretending to support your opponent*s objectives 每 while concluding that they have failed to be wholly successful in delivering them 每 is the way to win debates, writes John Rentoul


John Rentoul Rishi Sunak has strengthened his claim as Boris Johnson*s successor

Despite being the richest MP in the House of Commons, the chancellor is still a more credible leader than the PM, John Rentoul observes


John Rentoul Now Labour can say &You*re too slow* to Boris Johnson about schools

With a new shadow education secretary, Keir Starmer can take full advantage of the government*s hesitancy, writes John Rentoul


John Rentoul Johnson discovered at PMQs how short-lived gratitude is in politics

It is an iron law in politics that leaders get little credit for doing the right thing if they are seen to have done the wrong thing a short time later, writes John Rentoul