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Clarisse Loughrey

Chief film critic

Clarisse Loughrey is the chief film critic for The Independent. She also acts as a regular stand-in for Mark Kermode on BBC Radio 5 Live¡¯s ¡®Kermode and Mayo¡¯ and runs That Darn Movie Show, a weekly review channel on YouTube.

Clarisse Loughrey A Scanner Darkly remains the most faithful Philip K Dick adaptation

His 1977 novel may be patently dystopian but, as Clarisse Loughrey explains, its hero¡¯s descent into addiction hell reads as pure biography

Resistance is a WWII thriller that gets lost in bathos and barbarity

Jesse Eisenberg takes an unexpected approach with the role of the world¡¯s most (and only) famous mime and his roots as a Resistance hero, but the film never gives him a chance to shine


Clarisse Loughrey How Daughters of the Dust influenced Beyonc¨¦¡¯s Lemonade

Julie Dash¡¯s debut was the first film directed by a black woman to receive a general theatrical release in the US. Clarisse Loughrey explores its legacy