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Chris Blackhurst

Chris Blackhurst is a renowned business journalist who has held senior positions across Fleet Street. He was the editor of The Independent from 2011 to 2013 and now writes on a wide range of business-related issues.

Businesses aren*t closing because of Covid-19, they were dying already

Covid-19 may have hastened the end of many businesses but that is all it has done. What*s occurring was inevitable. It*s just happening a bit quicker now, that is all


Chris Blackhurst Trusted British courts have done more to help Libya than politicians

The UK judiciary is still admired around the world 每 and now it is helping open up the Libyan Investment Authority, writes Chris Blackhurst

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Chris Blackhurst The post-coronavirus world will offer new investment opportunities

Just like 2008, expect the billionaires to profit from a crisis, but watch for the investment world to change with chances to make money in farming, food, sustainable energy and staycation hotels, writes Chris Blackhurst


Chris Blackhurst How coronavirus has given us the opportunity to reform the country

With our public sector standing still in a rapidly changing world and wealthy business owners having their cake and eating it, the coronavirus crisis should give ministers the spur they*ve been seeking to change things, writes Chris Blackhurst

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