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Mutant misery: How the X-Men franchise lost its superpowers

It redefined the superhero film with its emotional themes and thoughtful casting, but 20 years since its big screen debut, the X-Men saga has gone from sublime to stinking. Ed Power speaks to its fans and creators about its rise and fall

Copaganda: Why film and TV portrayals of the police are under fire

Images of badass cops or lovable goofballs on our screens needs revising, and not just in US shows like ¡®Brooklyn Nine-Nine¡¯ but British TV too, says our new arts columnist Micha Frazer-Carroll


Geoffrey Macnab Can Ben Affleck revive his career... again?

The actor plays a recovering alcoholic in ¡®Finding the Way Back¡¯, which is out this week. It boasts one of Affleck¡¯s finest screen performances, says Geoffrey Macnab 


Geoffrey Macnab Why Margot Robbie is one of the most versatile stars of her generation

The actor will star in the new female-led ¡®Pirates of the Caribbean¡¯. But whatever role is created for her, she is bound to bring levels of energy and mischief to it, says Geoffrey Macnab