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News analysis

Geoffrey Macnab Can Ben Affleck revive his career... again?

The actor plays a recovering alcoholic in ‘Finding the Way Back’, which is out this week. It boasts one of Affleck’s finest screen performances, says Geoffrey Macnab 

Special Report Americas

I was arrested, jailed and assaulted by a guard. My ‘crime’? Being a journalist in Trump’s America

In his 30-year career, The Independent’s Chief US Correspondent Andrew Buncombe has filed dispatches from across the world. Last week, while reporting on protests in Seattle, he was arrested for the first time. What he saw next throws the spotlight on a broken criminal justice system

feature tv

There She Goes star Jessica Hynes: ‘No one cares about me, I’m just an old fart now’

As the dark new BBC comedy returns for series two, its star tells Fiona Sturges she feels lucky to still be getting acting jobs

review tv

Down to Earth with Zac Efron: hopelessly simplistic

The actor, while relentlessly positive, is not a natural travel presenter – and doesn’t seem to have any particular interest in the environment

state of the arts tv
Long Reads

Mick O’Hare How the First World War is still being used in Hungarian populism

History often forgets it was the Austro-Hungarian empire that struck the initial blow in the First World War, not Germany. A century after the split of the empire, those scars are still felt, writes Mick O’Hare

‘Disgraceful’ Man United penalty decision changed game says Villa boss

Villa had gone closest to scoring before United netted from the spot

James Moore Sedwill’s compensation payment will help get him out of the PM's hair

Will we hear more from the soon to be former cabinet secretary in future? Only he knows that

What are new discounts on restaurant food and how can you claim them?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak says he wants to see pubs, restaurants and cafes ‘bustling again’

Jessica Hynes interview: ‘No one cares about me, I’m just an old fart'

As the dark new BBC comedy returns for series two, its star tells Fiona Sturges she feels lucky to still be getting acting jobs

Copaganda: Why film and TV portrayals of the police are under fire

Images of badass cops or lovable goofballs on our screens needs revising, and not just in US shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine but British TV too, says our new arts columnist Micha Frazer-Carroll

Fast fashion books: Learn the truth behind brands like Boohoo

Garment workers in Leicester's factories have been found to be paid as little as ?3.50 per hour and forced to work, even when they've shown signs of coronavirus, while conditions in other countries are terrifying. As consumers, it’s time to rethink and help bring about change

Journey into the world of Peter Beard

Discover his unique collection of works featuring photography, ecology, and diary writing

Coronavirus: The global gap in education

Photojournalist Paddy Dowling examines how the organisation and their partners are racing to retain the most marginalised children in school in a post-Covid world

Toyota workers fired over 'disgusting' video mocking George Floyd

Two high-ranking staff at Toyota have been fired for appearing to mock George Floyd's death in a shocking video.