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Bel Trew Lebanon’s famed wine industry faces ruin amid an economic collapse

Despite weathering civil wars, jihadi incursions and multiple military occupations,  Lebanon’s famously resilient wine industry is facing its biggest threat yet: the economic crisis ravaging the country


Ben Chu Beijing’s puppet who believes she has a place reserved in heaven

She rose from studious Catholic schoolgirl to the peak of the Hong Kong government, writes Ben Chu. But with the the territory’s liberties facing an existential threat from mainland China Carrie Lam’s owns future is now out of her hands too

How London became an empty playground for the global elite

A new book, ‘Alpha City’, surveys a metropolis ensnared by the super-rich, which shines an even brighter light on inequality today, says Ceri Radford. How did things go so horribly awry?

Mutant misery: How the X-Men franchise lost its superpowers

It redefined the superhero film with its emotional themes and thoughtful casting, but 20 years since its big screen debut, the X-Men saga has gone from sublime to stinking. Ed Power speaks to its fans and creators about its rise and fall

jack charlton death football

An honorary Irishman who changed the way a nation was viewed on a global scale

Charlton’s 10 years in charge of the Irish national team helped to change history on a scale wider than just a sporting sense and strengthened relations between the two nations at a time of great difficulty

The Independent’s Happy List 2020: Heroes in a crisis

Meet Britain’s happiness-spreading heroes: let’s celebrate the people doing remarkable things in response to the pandemic, as nominated by you


Oliver Carroll ‘They’re trying to destroy us’: Bar ban could be deathknell for St Petersburg's unique nightlife

Small bars and cafes still struggling with the coronavirus pandemic hit with news they will have to close by January

Long Reads

Sam Hancock Why so many young adults are turning to the online sex industry

With student debt, a non-existent jobs market and low salaries, is it any wonder young people are becoming sex workers, asks Sam Hancock

Hamilton claims first win of 2020 with dominant Styrian GP victory

Reigning world champion takes his first win of the season to move to within six victories of Michael Schumacher’s record, but Valtteri Bottas retains the championship lead

Kat Smith In the wake of coronavirus, the customer is not always right

On a supermarket shift, a customer took out her ?20 note and put it in her mouth while she zipped up her purse – she then passed it to me

Escape to the country: Will people leave cities behind post-pandemic?

The rich have always fled for the rural idyl in times of crisis or plague but has lockdown shown us all the shortcomings of urban living? Sophie Gallagher speaks to young people breaking the cycle and moving back to the suburbs

Celebrities have spoken: The bandana is the trendiest coronavirus mask

From Amber Heard and Johnny Depp to Kristen Stewart and Chris Pine, the A-list are shunning surgical masks for bandanas in their sartorial fight against coronavirus, writes Olivia Petter

Nadine Shah: ‘I didn’t know what gaslighting was’

The singer-songwriter talks to Georgie Rogers about her new album ‘Kitchen Sink’, her intense relationship with Amy Winehouse, and why a ‘happy ending’ doesn’t always have to involve marriage or children

Bridal outfit inspiration for an intimate civil ceremony wedding

If you're opting for a more low-key celebration than planned, say yes to these 

The bees that are transported to France’s Provence region every year

Each summer, a few lucky insects journey to pollen paradise in the lavender fields of Valensole, France

Life lessons: Capturing campus under lockdown

A visual project examines the small moments among students isolated at an Abu Dhabi college

Activists arrested as London fountains dyed red in coronavirus warning

‘The government must begin a transition towards a plant-based food system or risk future zoonotic pandemics of catastrophic proportions,' says group